The Design Gym Panel | Fighting Fires and Lighting Fires: Balancing Productivity and Creativity

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Taught by The Design Gym

We are a group of designers, strategists and thinkers of many stripes. Go to for our full bios. They are too long for this tiny page. 

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Let's be honest —the hard part isn't often getting people excited about helping their team to be more creative, innovative, or collaborative; the challenge is when everyone sits back down at their desk and falls into the cycle of endless emails, countless fires, and all those new deadlines needed yesterday. 

In this panel we'll discuss the balance between creativity and productivity. Design thinking provides a ton of great tools to enable big thinking and strategic work, but how do you balance that with the day-to-day execution you just can’t escape? Creative leaders will share their experiences and provide recommendations for creating systems, structures and teams that allow for big thinking and strategic work, while making clear the tactical execution needs and expectations.


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