The Cream of the Crop: Finding a Winner in the Produce Aisle

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Taught by Mickey Davis

Mickey Davis is a fanatic for vegetables and fruit. After studying nutrition science at UC Berkeley, she came to Brooklyn to be the Produce Manager at Greene Grape Provisions and has never been happier. She has worked on biodynamic farms, urban farms, school gardens, botanical gardens and farmers markets. When she is not indulging in nature's bounty she can be found running around Prospect Park.


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You've seen them at the grocery store: those people digging through the pile of onions, pressing their noses to a cantaloupe with eyes closed tight, and groping the avocados in ways inappropriate for a public setting. When faced with a cornucopia of produce, we all want to find the best one.

In this class, we will take a closer look at the life of a few tasty fruits and vegetables - out in the fields, on the truck, in the store or at the market - and learn how to spot the qualities of a winner. Students will come away with agricultural, biochemical, nutritional, and culinary knowledge on fruits and vegetables that can be applied to produce situations everywhere. We'll sample a couple of particularly tasty in-season things as well! 


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