The Craft of Short Fiction: Writing, Submitting, and Publishing

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Taught by Robin White

Robin White is a writer and teacher of short fiction from the UK, now living in New York City. His short creative work has appeared in over two dozen publications, most recently including the likes of the venerable old Saturday Evening Post, Strangelet, and Bartleby Snopes, where his piece was one of 12 ‘Stories of the Month’ collected into their yearly print anthology. As a teacher, he has almost a decade’s worth of experience in explaining the craft, and technical fundamentals, of writing and submitting short fiction. He is immensely proud that the majority of his students have gone on to see their work professionally published.

Most recently he could be found as a slush reader on the staff of Syntax and Salt, a new magazine of Magical Realism based out of Lansing, Michigan.

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You’ve wanted to write for years--you’ve had that idea in your head, simmering away for months. But where to start? And how to see it published?

For beginners, and writers looking to hone their skills, this day-long class will focus not only on the craft of writing short fiction, from creative exercises and techniques to get you moving, to which of the 'rules' you should (and shouldn’t) be paying attention to, but will also cover the nuts and bolts of submitting your work. The majority of a magazine’s submissions will never come close to the editor’s desk, but be sorted out of the pile by a slush reader at the very first hurdle. Knowing the correct industry standard for submission vastly increases your chances of getting your work before the right pair of eyes. During the second half of our day we will focus on cover letters, correct querying practice, Proper Manuscript Format (it’s a thing) and specific, practical strategies for submission, to make sure you’re sending your work to the right people. There will also be an opportunity to have your work critiqued by the teacher, and the class as a whole.

Bring your laptop or a pen and paper, and prepare to get writing, get submitting, and get published. 

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