The Craft of Editing: Love your Reader? (Windsor Terrace)

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Taught by Robin White

Robin White is a writer and teacher of short fiction from the UK, now living in New York City. His short creative work has appeared in over two dozen publications, most recently including the likes of the venerable old Saturday Evening Post, Strangelet, and Bartleby Snopes, where his piece was one of 12 ‘Stories of the Month’ collected into their yearly print anthology. As a teacher, he has almost a decade’s worth of experience in explaining the craft, and technical fundamentals, of writing and submitting short fiction. He is immensely proud that the majority of his students have gone on to see their work professionally published.

Most recently he could be found as a slush reader on the staff of Syntax and Salt, a new magazine of Magical Realism based out of Lansing, Michigan.

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The craft of editing is no less exhaustive, no less creative, and no less vital to seeing your work published or well received than the act of writing itself. Yet writing classes abound, while editing classes, with tangible, worthwhile strategies for perfecting your work, can be impossible to find. After a decade of being asked 'Do you do an editing class?' at the end of each writing seminar, Robin has finally figured out the perfect one; it took a lot of editing.

Focusing on fiction, with a hefty dose of exercises applicable to the worlds of non-fiction, blogging and even crafting an effective presentation, this full-day class encompasses everything from practical editing techniques, to an examination of handy (or not so handy) advice from past masters, to the all important notion that for a writer to be truly effective, they must first love their reader.

You know how to write. You know how to read. Now learn how to edit like a pro.

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