The British Constitution

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Taught by David McNicoll

Although I now live in New York I come from the heart of the Scottish Highlands, a land steeped in
whisky in both story and song, and where I honed my knowledge and enjoyment of our national drink. Over the last decade I have taken that experience and built upon it, representing as ambassador several Scotch brands in the city. I am about to launch a new book exploring the ‘language of whisky’, and the origins of the names of those familiar bottles on the back-bar.

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The United Kingdom was formed in 1801 with the unification of Great Britain (created in 1603 with Scotland and England under one Crown, and then in 1707 politically) and Ireland.

Today the UK faces one of the toughest decisions in that long history; and one that could tear the union apart. The countries of this island have endured warfare, civil war and strife and the relationships between each has not always been benign – but, it has proved to have been a successful partnership. With Brexit looming and the seeming chaos surrounding it, this could prove to be its undoing: potentially wrecking the union and maybe even that of the EU as well. As such, this class will look to explore the British constitution, how it came about, pivotal moments and what may lie ahead. Article 50 – here we come; or not, or maybe.

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