The Basics of Fitting and Altering

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Taught by Melody Litwin

Melody Litwin is a local artist and craftswoman who specializes in textile arts, but frequently visits the fields of painting, printmaking, jewelry-making, agriculture and music. She studied Fashion Design at Pratt Institute and Art Education at the City College of New York, and now works as a seamstress and teacher. She is the proud mother of two spirited felines and she has learned to embrace the modern age with a chronicle of her projects here: 

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Do you have anything in your closet that you love on the hanger, but feels more like a potato sack when you put it on? What about those bell-bottoms that would just be so awesome if only they weren't so heinously belled? Or that blouse that you can't wear without a sweater because you have to hide all the safety pins you've "altered" it with? 

We all have them, clothes crowding our closet because we love them, but they just don't fit correctly. 

This class will introduce you to the basics of fitting, altering, and hand sewing. You will come away from class with a garment from your closet perfectly re-fitted and the know-how you'll need to continue fixing up your wardrobe.

Bring one or two garments that are too large that you would like to alter. As this is an introductory course, these should be simple, lightweight, unlined garments. No suits, coats, jeans, etc. Please note that this process involves trying on your garment multiple times, so you are advised to dress for class in a way that will preclude embarrassment. 

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