The Banana on the Wall: An Examination of Art and Controversy

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Taught by J.R. Pepper

J.R. Pepper is a photographer, artist and researcher with an MA in art history specializing in Surrealism and Victorian spirit photography. Her work featured on a variety of websites, album covers, galleries, press releases and publications, including  Haunted America:FAQ by Dave Thompson. She  has spoken at various conventions and panels including New York Anime Festival, New York Comic Con, Tokyo in Tulsa, Salon Con, Catland Books, The Morbid Anatomy Museum and the NY branch of The Odd Salon. She lives in New York and works as an imaging producer  and an assistant at The Burns Archive.  

image credit: Bill Wadman

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Art is something that should always elicit a response, and sometimes that response is pure hatred. People question the artist's morals or integrity, and even threaten legal action. But, at what point does an artwork become controversial? We will examine several works that went above and beyond controversial and changed the art world forever.


*Some of the artworks featured contain explicit nudity, adult themes, graphic imagery as well as sharks, urinals and bananas*

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