The Arab Spring, Four Years Later: Where are we now and how did we get here?

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Taught by Jordan Reimer

Jordan Reimer has a MPA from the Woodrow Wilson School at Princeton University, with a concentration in international relations. He has visited or lived in several Middle Eastern countries, many of which subsequently underwent revolution. He does not think this is a coincidence.

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In 2011, springtime came early in the Middle East as several countries experienced for the first time mass popular uprisings that overthrew autocrats long thought invincible.

But in the ensuing years things didn't unfold as smoothly as hoped, as each country underwent different trajectories in the wake of those protests. Using Tunisia as a specific case study, this class will examine how the Arab Spring has unfolded over the past four years, explain why it did so, and explore where the region is headed.

We will also look at U.S. policy and how it differed by country given unique circumstances and competing American interests.

Newbies and veterans welcome. For those who came previously, note that we will be using a different case study!

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