The 10 Most Beautiful Experiments: A Walk Through 2000 Years of Physics

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Taught by Daniel

Daniel is Science person turned Design Person. He used to study Physics, then escaped to run a Bio Lab in a Museum. Then he escaped again and went to design school. Now he designs interfaces for devices that have screens.

He occasionally muses about design things on a blog read only by his closest friends. He has lived in two zip codes.

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What does Beauty have to do with Physics?

If we think back to our High School years...probably nothing. But to the scientific mind, the concept of the "elegant proof" is deep and satisfying thing.

In a survey some years back, physicists identified the 10 experiments that they felt were not just important…but really cool, elegant…and beautiful. They span millennia, from Ancient Egypt to Modern Europe.

Each experiment will be related, along with the how and why of its execution (some may be tried at home - depending on your research budget).

In the course of the lecture we will cover:
*How to measure the size, mass and rotation of the Earth.
*What light is made up of.
*The atom and electron.
*Wave mechanics.
*And a smidgen of Quantum Mechanics.

It will be beautiful! 

At the end, you will walk out with a broad, expansive survey of Physics and its history.

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