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Taught by Stephanie

Stephanie eats and cooks a lot. If she's not in her kitchen or at your table, she may be scouring the outer boroughs for new tastes, talking to her grocer, at a food party, watching a food film, or going to a food talk. Or, maybe picking herbs from her window, feeding chickens, or snagging some greens in the park. And she's doing a PhD in Sociology. So, she's doing food with reflexivity!

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Learn about different types of tea--how they are produced, how they taste, and how they are consumed!

We'll explore four main varieties of tea: white, green, oolong, and black. What are the commonalities among them, and what sets them apart? What is the difference between these teas and herbal infusions? How and where is tea grown and how is it processed?

We'll also talk about differences in tea consumption around the world. What kind of tea is consumed where and how do tea cultures differ? How do steeping times, water temperature, and the type of pot change the taste of tea? Why drink it with milk and sugar or just plain, with sweet biscuits or salty crackers? Does loose tea taste different than tea bags?

Finally, we will offer some suggestions on where you can buy different kinds of tea and participate in different tea cultures in the city.

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