Talking to Kids and Teens About Sex: Beyond the Birds and the Bees

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Taught by Lena Solow

Lena is a sex educator, dancer, and youth worker with more than a decade of experience talking with teens and adults about sex. She currently runs a peer sex education program for teens, sells sex toys and teaches workshops to adults, and spends the rest of her time telling everyone she knows they deserve happy, healthy sex lives. Also, she asked her mom about sex when she was three-years-old. And she turned out just fine. 

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In a world filled with shame, stigma, and misinformation about sex, it can be extremely hard to figure out how to talk to children and teens about sex. This class is a great first step!

First, we'll take a look at our own attitudes about sexuality - what messages did we get growing up? How does that shape the way we think about sex and relationships now? Then, we'll think about what kind of world and community we want to build around sex and sexuality. The majority of the class will be real life tips and scenarios to help you become a trusted guide for children and teens as they navigate their growing sexuality. This class is great for parents, educators, and anyone who regularly interacts with children and teens!

Note: This is a sex-positive class that celebrates all gender identities and sexualities. It is not abstinence only!

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