Summer Party Explosion!

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Taught by Brooklyn Brainery

Brooklyn Brainery hosts affordable classes at our location in Brooklyn (190 Underhill Ave in Prospect Heights), as well as additional events around the borough. We hosted our first classes in 2010 and look forward to hosting many more for years to come. 

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Hey hey, it's the anniversary of the first SAT*! Celebrate the beast of standardized testing with plenty of crawfish (naturally), cheap beer and the most intense trivia this side of the BQE.

It all goes down on Sunday, July 31 from 4-8pm at the City Reliquary, 370 Metropolitan Ave in Williamsburg, home of the best backyard in Brooklyn.

Buying tickets in advance is a must if you want to eat crawfish, plus it will earn you our eternal love. If you want to volunteer to help us out day of, we'll love you even more. Just send us an email and we'll hook you up! 

Triviawise: No more Color Me Badd questions, we're repping education this time around - what's the lightest noble gas? (Helium!) What's the major flavor in gin? (Juniper berries!) Most famous dinosaur to be declared make-believe? (Brontosaurus!) 

Q: Do gin and dinosaur facts honestly count as education? A: Yes.

Trivia should start around 6pm.

Also featuring the most difficult (and fun) standardized test on the planet. Sneak peaks from your friends, collaborate with strangers, cry into the night with righteous fury, all for a chance at free Brainery classes. We'll distribute these upon entry and collect them on the way out!

What there will be:

Mudbugs + other foodstuffs for snacking

Sunshine + cheap drinks

And you've somehow missed every one of our classes for the past year and a half, don't worry - mini-classes will be popping in and out of existence throughout the evening to help you play catch-up.

* The 110 year, 1 month, 1 week and 1 day anniversary, to be exact

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