Summer of Riesling

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Taught by Kat

Kat Kelly has a passion for wine but strongly resists the industry standard photograph of her holding a wine glass and gazing into the distance. You’ll have to come to class to see that! Kat has a strong background in the New York wine scene and currently works for a Brooklyn based importer/distributor. She strives to educate the masses about wine, in a fun, attitude free environment. Wine is meant to be enjoyed, but enjoyment can be dramatically enhanced with tasting experience and some relevant background information. Grab a glass, open your mind and taste!

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The Summer of Riesling is mostly heralded by New York City based wine advocate and sommelier, Paul Grieco of restaurants Terroir and Hearth. He elaborates by calling it "A love affair expressed in full Technicolor of the world’s greatest grape." Before summer is over, you absolutely must get your Riesling on...

This class will be an ode to one of the world’s most versatile, intriguing grapes. There are a lot of misconceptions about Riesling… No, it’s not always sweet! Also, what’s wrong with sweet anyway?

Riesling appreciation comes quickly and easily with a little bit of background information along with a focused tasting. Although we will primarily taste German Rieslings, examples from around the world will also be sampled, including one from New York State. As an added bonus, we will add an aged Riesling to the mix, a beguiling tasting experience to be sure!

Important topics of discussion: Balance and Acidity, Understanding a German wine label and last but certainly not least- Riesling and Food pairing. By the end of this class you’ll be a Riesling sipping Acid Hound that would make Paul Grieco proud!

*This class is more expensive than most of our other classes, but hey, you're drinking fancy wine and that stuff costs money! You need to be 21, in case that's not obvious.

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