Storytelling for Professionals

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Taught by Charly Simpson of The Engaging Educator


CHARLY EVON SIMPSON is a writer, performer, and teacher. Her work has been seen, heard, and/or developed at the Kennedy Center, Ensemble Studio Theatre, Ars Nova, The Flea, SPACE on Ryder Farm, and more. Charly has worked as a teacher or coach in a variety of different settings and positions for the last ten years from tutoring full-time in a middle school, to assistant directing a camp for children with autism and emotional support concerns, to leading workshops on yoga, health, and wellness as a health coach, and now to teaching playwriting and storytelling to both kids and adults. She loves to support others in finding their voices because she believes communication, connection, and creativity—three skills important in all facets of life—thrive when people are able to use their voices effectively.

Charly holds a BA in Theatre Arts and Literary Arts with honors from Brown University, an MSt in Women’s Studies from University of Oxford, New College, and an MFA in Playwriting from Hunter College.

Realizing the connection between improvisation and communication, The Engaging Educator (@TheEngagingEd), specializes in customized improv-based education. We provide classes that enhance public speaking, creativity, flexibility, positive risk-taking, teamwork and more by flexing improv muscles. Beyond our classes for educators and professionals, we also specialize in improv for high school students, corporate workshops, and improv for individuals on the autism spectrum, as well as individuals with cerebral palsy.


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Storytelling has been a buzzword in business, sales and marketing for a few years – what makes a story a good story though? Whether you are telling one in the meeting room or the bar with friends, engaging stories are impossible to ignore, and boring, drawn out and highly detailed stories are exhausting.

A good story should come in a package – there needs to be a hook, drawing your audience in, a point – it can’t ramble into the abyss! – and there needs to be a solid ending – it doesn’t have to be a happily ever after, it does need to end. This class will focus in on the basics of good storytelling, with an emphasis on telling stories in a confident and engaging manner. Students will learn tips to craft effective stories for personal and professional environments, workshop potential stories (you’re welcome to bring one in!) and leave with personalized feedback on your own storytelling style.

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