Storytelling for Business People

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Taught by Andrew Linderman

Andrew Linderman is a writer and storyteller based in Brooklyn, NY.  He teaches writing and storytelling at General Assembly and is a story coach with the community education program at The Moth, a Macarthur award-winning non-profit dedicated to the craft of storytelling. 

In addition to teaching, Andrew is the executive producer of Local Stories, a monthly storytelling series featuring many of New York’s best writers, performers and comedians.  He is also the founder of the Story Source, a blog aimed at helping artists, business people and entrepreneurs tell compelling stories.  For more information, visit


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Do you need an amazing story to tell at meetings or during a presentation?  Are you trying to launch or rebrand a product and want an enticing hook?  Does your mission statement need an overhaul?

Over the course of two classes, we'll look into the many ways you can incorporate personal stories into your business and professional life. Through a series of improvisation, writing, and pitching exercises, students will have the opportunity to workshop individual stories to take back to the office or boardroom.  We'll also delve into the specific uses of storytelling in business, from marketing and public relations to product design and human resources.

By the end of class, each student will have at least two stories to take away and a deeper understanding of the role of storytelling in business.

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