Storytelling 101: How to Tell an Amazing Tale

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Taught by Andrew Linderman

Andrew Linderman is a writer and storyteller based in Brooklyn, NY.  He teaches writing and storytelling at General Assembly and is a story coach with the community education program at The Moth, a Macarthur award-winning non-profit dedicated to the craft of storytelling. 

In addition to teaching, Andrew is the executive producer of Local Stories, a monthly storytelling series featuring many of New York’s best writers, performers and comedians.  He is also the founder of the Story Source, a blog aimed at helping artists, business people and entrepreneurs tell compelling stories.  For more information, visit


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Have you ever been stranded on a remote island for years at a time? Gotten into a fistfight with a cop? Peed in your pants in front of the high school rowing team? Do you have a funny or heartbreaking story to tell?!? *

In this class, I’ll take you through the necessary steps to mine your life for good stories and amaze an audience with your performance. In this 3-hour workshop, you’ll discover your inner storyteller through improvisational exercises designed to help you find your voice, writing exercises to learn the mechanics behind storytelling, and performance tips to help you kill in front of a crowd. By the end of the course, you’ll have at least one three-minute story (if not more!) to share next time you want to impress a boss/date/officer of the law. Face it: it's way better than being stranded on a remote island.**

*One of these things happened to me.

**This may not be true.

This class is focused on storytelling for a general audience. If you'd like a more business-focused class, check out Andrew's full schedule of classes.

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