Starting a Business in NYC

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Taught by Toby Franklin

Toby is a jack of all trades -- IT consultant, project manager, entrepreneur, DJ and musician. After forming his own company in 2010, he has never looked back. Now, he would like to help others make that exciting (and often terrifying!) leap. He lives in Crown Heights.

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Do you want to start a business in New York City, but remain intimidated by the convoluted mess of rules and regulations? Do you want to quit your job, but feel worried about a future of paperwork without an end? This informational seminar will unravel those complexities with a broad overview of the concepts you will need to start your venture, at a local, state and federal level.

You will learn about topics such as financing, incorporation, tax, bookkeeping, hiring, payroll and compliance, and in language you can understand without attending law school. Common thorny questions will be discussed, like what is the difference between an LLC, S Corporation and C Corporation? Or between a copyright, trademark and patent? How do I obtain the licenses and permits I need to keep the lights on? Do I need to spend money on insurance? A lawyer? An accountant?

This course is ideal for anyone who is in the process of starting a business, wants to start a business in the near future, or is considering that direction but wants to see a complete picture first before they dive in.

Note: While this course is NYC-specific, many concepts apply to starting a business anywhere in the US!

(Class size: 12-14, lecture + q&a)


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