Shibori Tie-Dye

Jessica Kaufman
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Taught by Jessica Kaufman

Jessica Kaufman holds a Masters in Crafts Education and leads a wide variety of fiber arts and textile workshops up and down the east coast. Her top-tier teaching topics are knitting, dyeing, felting, and surface design. Formerly of Brooklyn, Jess now lives in Asheville, NC. Find her online at &
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If asked to think of tie-dye techniques, most people could probably come up with the basic spiral or the classic bullseye...but how much do you think your average Joe knows about Shibori dyeing?

Shibori, or Japanese tie-dye, actually consists of lots of different methods for binding, tying, sewing, or twisting cloth before applying dyes, but in this class we're going to focus on the twisting part, or "arashi shibori" (also known as pole-wrapping shibori).

We'll use narrow silk scarves that are perfect for wrapping around your head, or augmenting your waist as a belt. Or, hey, just hang them on a balcony and let their loveliness float in the breeze. Each student will make three scarves, and come away with everything you'll need to know to do these on your own.



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