Shenanigans at the Met: A Short History of Smuggling, Sex, Fakes, and other Faux Pas at New York's Most Prominent Museum

image courtesy Mark B. Schlemmer

Taught by Erin Thompson

Erin has a Ph.D. in art history and is an art and tech lawyer in Manhattan. She has lectured on art history and law at numerous New York-area colleges, as well as given talks in quirkier venues on subjects ranging from polar explorers to art forgery.

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Ever wondered if the staff of the Metropolitan Museum of Art destroyed or radically alter works of art through the use of un-tested restoration techniques? Purchased antiquities they knew had been looted and illegally imported? Fondled their secretaries in back offices? Spent millions of dollars and displayed works long after the rest of the scholarly establishment mocked them as obvious fakes? Thanks to tell-all memoirs and investigative journalism, we now know that the answer to all these questions is yes - and how! 

In this three week course, we'll explore these stories and scandals, wrapping up with a field trip to the Museum. The first two sessions will take place at the Brainery on Wednesday, June 13 and Wednesday, June 20 at 8:30pm, and the final session will be a trip to the Met on Friday, June 29th at 7:00pm.

(class size: 15, lecture + discussion)

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