Sculpting with Wool: Needle Felting Basics - Prospect Heights

image courtesy Fran Laks
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Taught by Frannie Laks

Frannie Laks is a craft maven who loves to share her knowledge of crafts. Several years back, she came across a relatively new fiber art called needle felting and has never looked back! During the day Frannie works in production and media. She also works for the World Maker Faire when it makes its way to New York City.  

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From Etsy to Martha Stewart, needle felting has been making the rounds in the craft world. In this three-hour class you'll learn how to turn un-spun wool into your own miniature 3D creation, and you'll walk away with a finished project and some basic supplies to continue crafting beyond the classroom. As an added bonus, you'll finally understand exactly why your wool sweater shrunk in the washing machine. 

For the uninitiated, needle felting is the art of sculpting wool with special barbed needles. Stabbing the wool over and over again meshes the wool fibers together, creating a firm, textile object. Needle felting is an ideal craft-- it has a quick learning curve, requires minimal supplies and can be done almost anywhere. Join us for a relaxed session of crafting! 

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