Screenplay Workshop Intensive

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Taught by Timothy Cooper

Timothy Michael Cooper is an award-winning writer, director, and improvisor based in Brooklyn. 

He wrote and directed the Writers Guild Award-nominated CONCIERGE: THE SERIES, starring Kate McKinnon. His short comedy LEMON, starring Jennifer Westfeldt, Noah Bean, and Jenn Lyon, premiered at Tribeca, played at dozens of festivals throughout the world as well as on United Airlines and Amazon Prime, and is currently being developed as a sitcom.

At Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in NYC, he created and directed the improvised shows SUNNY-SIDE UP and FAREBEATER: IMPROV IN A CAB, starring cast members like Pete Holmes and Thomas Middleditch. 

Timothy also wrote the feature AWAY FROM HERE, starring Nick Stahl, Alicia Witt, and Ray Wise, now available on Amazon Prime. 

He’s been part of the writers’ room for the Writers Guild Awards for the past six years, writing monologue jokes and sketches for comedians like Lewis Black, Colin Quinn, Larry Wilmore, Amber Ruffin, Michael Ian Black, Roy Wood Jr., and many more.

Through his company, Blueprint Screenwriting Group (, he’s taught hundreds of writers, helping them sell their scripts to major studios; staff on multiple network and cable TV shows; find representation; screen and win at SXSW, Sundance, Tribeca, Cannes, and many more; and get their movies and shows made across the globe.

Timothy is a proud member of the WGAE, the Brooklyn Filmmakers Collective, and the Hollywood Radio & Television Society.


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  • Stuck on your screenplay idea (for a TV pilot, feature, short film, or webseries)?
  • Finished a draft of your script, but know it could be better?
  • Have a great premise, but not sure how to develop it?
  • Know the beginning and ending of your story, but not the middle?
  • Want professional feedback on your script in a positive group setting?

Come with as much or as little as you've written of your screenplay—feature, short film, TV pilot, or web series—and we'll take your project to the next level. Just one day. Just 10 students!

Whether you have a little screenwriting experience or a lot, you'll make major progress as we workshop, brainstorm, and tackle the formidable but all-important logline, outline, synopsis, screenplay structure, efficient act breaks, powerful scenes, memorable characters, subtextual dialogue, clever twists, exciting action, and more.

Using innovative exercises, constructive criticism, real-world examples, and provocative story triggers, I'll help you break out of your rut and get that story moving in startling new directions.

No matter where you are in the writing process, this workshop will dramatically propel your script forward. Let's do this!

Note: This class isn't for absolute novice screenwriters; it assumes a basic understanding of screenplay format and structure. (Don't worry—I teach plenty of classes for beginners too!) Please come with 11 copies of the following: a logline, a brief summary of your project, and up to 10 pages of your script, if you have them.



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