Scents & Sensibility

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Taught by Brooklyn Brainery

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No one at our end of the animal kingdom really gives smell much credibility, but let's have a class about it anyway. Main focus point: perfumery.

Perfume! We've all been in elevators with people wearing too much of it, so now it's time to learn a bit more about it. We can cover the history of scent as a personal accessory, why we use it and what it might do for us (wink nudge), and then kick in some science and work on extracting scents to make our own via enfleurage, steam distillation, and whatever else we can figure out.

Things related to this class are The Secret of Scent, Perfume, CB I Hate Perfume in Williamsburg,, Scent Laboratory, this blog i just came across and a million things you can look up on Wikipedia.

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