Revolutionary Riffs

image courtesy Nur Laiq

Taught by Nur Laiq

Nur Laiq works at a think tank on Middle Eastern issues and has traveled widely in the Arab world.

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The Tunisian and Egyptian revolutions shook the world and have influenced protest movements right down to Occupy Wall Street. But what happened to the Arab youth who started it all? And what have the outcomes of the revolutions been?

Arab youth constitute over 60 percent of the population in Middle East and were the driving force of the revolutions. What are their aspirations and what do they view as the challenges? How much power and influence do they have? Are the youth soothsayers or truth tellers? Are they power brokers or the contre-pouvoir?

Nur Laiq has just returned from September-October fieldtrip to Tunisia and Egypt interviewing young political and civil society activists, including one who advised Occupy Wall Street. Nur’s talk will draw on her interviews with Tunisian and Egyptian revolutionaries and will analyze issues of self and sovereignty – of the identity crisis of this revolutionary generation as they navigate change within the new political landscape of the Arab world.

Nur’s talk will also include a slideshow on the latest political graffiti from Cairo.




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