Refinishing & Reupholstering

image courtesy Horia Varlan

Taught by Michelle Warner

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Join former televion and theatrical set decorator Michelle N. Warner for a two part series on how to refinish chairs.

Part One: Refinishing Unupholsted Chairs. Fix up that set of dining room chairs you got for free from you Aunt's lake cabin that might fall apart if you sit down to hard. Turn that peeling splintery chair you found on the street into a nice antique. Repaint that desk chair you painted school colors (Go Wild Cats!) back to a more respectable shabby chic. Michelle will be demonstrating with an array of chairs she's dug up to fix and you might be asked to do a little sanding. This class will be mostly demo.

Bring you questions and pictures if it helps, and get ready to learn more about gluing and screwing than you ever knew before!

Part Two: Soft Goods! Upholstery 101 In this cession we will be focusing on how to work with fabric. Michelle will demo how to recover a classic frech style arm chair and a modern very geometric style arm chair. You will learn about pattern making and the right way to measure so you buy the right amount of fabric. Puls you'll learn important fabric terms like "warp & weft." Not only will you impress you next Okcupid date with your knowledge of fabrics, but you'll know exactly how to tackle your next reupholstery project!

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