Reading Octavia Butler

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Taught by Wynnie Lamour

Wynnie learned English as a second language and speaks English with a generic American English accent. She self indentifies as a language junkie and has fed her addiction to language with a degree in Linguistics and Spanish. As a Haitian-American living in Brooklyn, she enjoys doing things that demonstrate her bi-cultural nature -- from cooking traditional Haitian food like akra and bannann pize to enjoying a ballgame at Yankee stadium.

Wynnie currently teaches Haitian Creole at the Haitian Creole Language Institute of New York while craftfully dodging marriage and baby questions from her 86 year old grandmother.

Two Tuesdays, 3/26 and 4/2, 8:30-10:00pm

Location: Prospect Heights Brainery (190 Underhill Ave in Prospect Heights, BK)

Octavia E. Butler is arguably one of the best sci-fi writers of her time. A rarity in her day--African-American and female-- she broke boundaries and created extraordinary, life-changing stories.

In this class, we will examine two of her short stories - one from the "Unexpected Stories" collection and another from the "Bloodchild" collection. We will discuss the central themes throughout her work which include sexuality, dystopia, and loss of humanity.

Participants will receive electronic copies of the short stories before each class, so that they can come prepared to discuss. Class will include some delicious, sci-fi themed snacks!

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