Puppetry in America

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Taught by Douglas Strich

Douglas Strich has been making and performing with puppets since 1997 when he was introduced to the art by The Paper Moon Marionette Theatre's artistic director Jimmy Racioppi. Marionettes quickly became his passion and for the last 18 years he has been helping to bring quality puppet performances and education to people across the country. He has two degrees in theatre, one of them a Masters from UCONN in the Puppet Arts. 

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From 1776 til now, Puppetry has always been a popular form of American entertainment. Yet how many historic puppeteers can you name?

Puppet Artist Douglas Strich will take you on a journey through time, stopping along the way to shake hands with figures like vaudeville cabaret performer Frank Paris, or Bil Baird whose Marionettes are featured in the film, The Sound of Music. Or, how about Tony Sarg, whose talents had a profound effect on one of our most American Traditions! Don’t miss your chance to expand your knowledge of the history of one of America’s most beloved art forms. Puppetry!

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