Pretzels & Mustard

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Taught by Bex Ames & Elissa Stanton

Bex Ames and Elissa Stanton make up Brooklyn DIY Supply. They are Brooklyn-based craftsters who live to make stuff, and want to make it easy for you to do the same.  Find out more about them and their DIY adventures on


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Spend an afternoon getting ready for Octoberfest! How do you create a perfect pretzel? With the brown crispy exterior and a fluffy doughy interior? Why are NYC street pretzels different from what you find in beer halls in Germany? We'll be making pretzels the old-fashioned "parental supervision required" way-with lye-to create that perfect pretzel.

Then we'll keep the chemistry going and delve into the world of mustard making. What exactly goes into this popular condiment? You will learn the basic recipes for both creamy and coarse mustards, discuss what spices and additives to use and cover the history and origins of mustard. Finally, you will learn to make and take home your own signature mustard that will be a worthy addition to any pretzel.

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