Postcard Making + Elements of Design

image courtesy kasaa

Taught by Dallas

Dallas enjoys all sorts of creative processes: branding, design, photography, hand-lettering and as of March, sewing!

He is founder and creator of Red Fred Bodoni & The Jolly Troop, a trans-media company based off a group of quirky/friendly birds he "hatched" a couple of years ago. Red Fred Bodoni & The Jolly Troop create value through design and meaning, encouraging those that engage with the brand to "pause & rejoice!"

Dallas moved to Brooklyn 6 months ago and lives a couple of streets away from Brooklyn Brainery (he crab-walked here!). He's stoked to be a new neighbor!

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This class will be an easy exploration of collage making in the form of provocative and personal postcards.

We'll touch on various aspects of design including form, typography, theme, image, color, texture, and originality. Everyone will make at least two different cards and we'll figure out how to get them reproduced affordably.

We'll have lots of collage materials on hand, but old magazines are always welcome! 

This class, like all the rest, meets at 515 Court Street, in Carroll Gardens BK. 

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