Pop Music Breakdown: "Paranoid Android"

By Source, Fair use, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?curid=19646728
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Taught by Scott Greenberg

Scott Greenberg is a Songwriter and Multi-Instrumentalist from New York. A lifelong musician, he studied Music Production and Technology at The Hartt School of Music. While at Hartt, Scott became heavily interested in Music Theory and Composition.

Over the last decade, Scott has worked on numerous musical projects including Midnight Brigade(Folk Rock), Impossible Colors(Alt Rock), and solo work under the name Scott Making Cents.

Scott also works as a AV Technical Specialist, most recently at New York Public Library and New York University.

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In this session, we'll analyze a classic pop song in depth. We will analyze and discuss aspects of songwriting, lyrics, melody, harmony, arrangement and production, exploring what makes this song so good? This course will touch on some music theory concepts such as: form, modulations, and the circle of fifths.

No prior understanding of music theory is necessary, though those with experience are more than welcome to join as well!  


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