Playing with Natural Dyes


Taught by Lori Bystrom

Lori Bystrom has a research background in ethnopharmacognosy and nutrition. In ethno-what?  Basically she is experienced at identifying and isolating chemicals from natural products, especially from fruits, that are used as traditional medicines and foods or for cosmetics and textiles. Much of this research also overlaps with her artistic interests.  Currently, she is a postdoctoral researcher in the medical field where she continues to assess the value of natural products for their therapeutic benefits. 

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I know at least some of you must be dying to learn how to make natural dyes. Well, if so, come check out my beginner dye class where I will give you a little history and chemistry lesson on natural dyes. I will also teach you how to set up your own dye lab in your kitchen or backyard. In this class you will dye two silk scarves and one velvet scarf. I will show you how to create patterns on your scarves by tying, clamping, folding or imprinting the scarves in different ways.

*Expect to get a little dirty so don't wear your best clothes.

*Expect to create different colors and patterns!

*Expect to have three scarves designed by you!

No materials are required but feel free to bring marbles, never-been-used stamps or small flat wooden shapes. 

Cancellation policy