Pipe Love

Taught by Kimberly Worsham and Tatiana Ridley

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Kimberly Worsham is a water & sanitation (WASH) specialist in the development industry and founder of FLUSH. She discovered a passion for toilets early as a child who always needed to inspect restaurant facilities, but was reminded of that love while consulting in India, and has continued her love by working on projects in NYC, Australia, Cambodia, Ghana, and Kenya. In different lives, she has worked in local government, corporate marketing, and even taught math in Rwanda. She received her MPA and B.Sc in business at NYU, and a Masters in Integrated Water Management from the University of Queensland as an International WaterCentre Scholar.

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Tatiana Ridley is the Founder of Healthylicious Bliss™, your go-to resource for a Happy, Healthy & Hot lifestyle. She’s a Fempreneur, Holistic Nutritionist, Yoga Teacher, Speaker, and Writer based in New York City. Tatiana’s services include corporate and school wellness programs, yoga classes, private and group holistic nutrition coaching (via phone and online), events, and retreats. Tatiana launched her business in 2010, and has been featured on The Dr. Oz Show, Well+Good, Rise, YogaCity NYC, Everyday Health, and more. She is a graduate of Fordham University and the Institute For Integrative Nutrition. When she’s not doing her Fempreneur thang, you can find her galavanting around NYC and beyond, hanging with her pup, learning new things and sharing them on Instagram: @TatianaRidley!



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In this class, we’ll explore the pipes that pump our lives - specifically, our GI tracts and sewer systems - and figure out how they work together to keep our lives clean and healthy.

The first part of the class will explore your internal plumbing - your digestive tract - in Digestion 101. We will explore how your body can perform at its peak by breaking down how the digestive system works, from entry to exit, learning about the best and worst drinks and food you can consume, as well as how you consume them.

The second half of the class will explore what happens after the digestive tract; there is a whole system of pipes that are managed after the toilet flushes. In a brief journey through the sewer and drainage system of NYC, we will walk through the sanitation systems that keep our city going and why we should care about it.

By the end of the class, we aim to impart participants with knowledge about how to be mindful about what we put in our pipes - internal and external, and how much time and money can be saved if we took time to love them a little more.


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