Paper Bag Patternmaking

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Taught by Bob Bland

I'm a fashion designer, entrepreneur and community art advocate. Since 2006, my brand Brooklyn Royalty has been locally made + sourced in the USA. I've also designed at Marc Jacobs, Ralph Lauren, Triple Five Soul, Tommy Hilfiger and Banana Republic + enjoy sharing my knowledge of the industry with others. Her latest project is Manufacture NY.

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Think that patternmaking is something you have to spend hundreds of hours (and dollars) learning in school?

Well, that's mostly true, but in this class you will learn the quick and dirty method of paper bag patternmaking. Save all your Trader Joe's & Whole Foods bags, and use them to knock off your favorite garments! Along the way, you will also learn the basics of patternmaking and have a better idea of how your clothes are made.

Bring one simple favorite: a T-shirt, vest, simple pair of leggings, or dress that you love.

By the end of class, we will have created a flat pattern of all of the pieces of that garment, so you can just go home and cut/sew it in any fabric variation!  This technique can be a real time + money saver if you're on a budget, and the best thing part is you won't have to spend a boatload on materials.

Prerequisite: Basic Sewing Skills or above


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