Paint & Sip: Space (Online)

Megan E. Watters
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Taught by Megan Watters

Megan Watters works as a scenic artist on window displays, theatrical sets, fashion shows and more. Her jobs vary from painting faux marble to creating seaweed and barnacles for a makeshift pirate ship to covering full sets in rust using various faux-finishing techniques. Follow Megan on instagram at @meganewatters



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*This is an online event via Zoom!*

Join us for a relaxing evening of painting along with artist Megan Watters. We'll be painting the sunset image posted here together, and the materials you'll need are pictured and noted below!

Materials List:

  • Canvas, Posterboard, or Paper - Canvas is definitely easiest and sturdiest, but I get that we are doing this from home! Feel free to use paper, but note the heavier the better. If you use paper, tape it down to a piece of cardboard or foam board so that it does not warp too much or move around.
  • Brushes - I will be using a bigger brush (about 1") and a smaller brush (about 1/8"). See the photo below. We will make due with what we have, of course!
  • Water: in a jar or cup. You can always wash it.
  • Paint: I will be using acrylic paint inblue, green, yellow, pink, prange, black, white. If you don't have those colors, you can use others! If you are struggling with color choices, let me know!
  • Sharpie
  • Old toothbrush if you have one! 
  • Plate or Take-out Container: for your palette!
  • Paper towels
  • a hair dryer if you have it
  • Apron or old T-shirt - juuuuuust in case you get crazy
  • A beverage of your choice :)

A few guidelines:

  • Make sure you have Zoom downloaded on your computer or phone. I will be sharing my screen with you so that you can see me and see a top view of the painting we will work on.
  • I would love to see your beautiful faces! We can chat a little bit in the beginning and at the end, but generally we will have microphones muted unless you have questions. This way, you can listen to music and get rowdy without it being too echo-y for the other painters.


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