Opera 101 (In Person)

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Taught by Kristy Barbacane

Kristy Barbacane received her Ph.D. in Historical Musicology from Columbia University and has taught at Barnard College and Fordham and Columbia Universities.  Her research interests include nineteenth-century France, music in Algeria and its diaspora, and the relationship between colonialism and music. Kristy spends her spare time playing flute, running in Central Park, and searching for the best patisserie in the city.

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Opera is one of the longest-enduring musical forms, spanning over four centuries and across multiple continents. But you don’t need a deep knowledge of music, familiarity with Italian, or fancy opera-going garb to enjoy it.

This class will dispel the mystery and stuffiness that sometimes surrounds this genre and make opera accessible to anyone. We’ll discuss the basics, including key terms, and a breakdown of what is happening on stage and in the music. We’ll also talk about opera’s development, from its original conception to new works being composed today. You’ll come away with the skills to enjoy, understand, and talk about opera like an expert music critic, without actually being one.

If you’ve always been intrigued by opera, but felt intimidated by the genre, this class is for you.

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