Online Boutique Basics

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Taught by Bob Bland

I'm a fashion designer, entrepreneur and community art advocate. Since 2006, my brand Brooklyn Royalty has been locally made + sourced in the USA. I've also designed at Marc Jacobs, Ralph Lauren, Triple Five Soul, Tommy Hilfiger and Banana Republic + enjoy sharing my knowledge of the industry with others. Her latest project is Manufacture NY.

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You have a great creative product and all your friends love it, so wouldn't it be nice to make that as your day job?

That's the dream, and with this intensive we can select an online store platform that's right for you, and start getting it set up tonight!

Even if your goal is to create a limited edition piece, or to sell only in small quantities, online boutiques are a cheap & easy way to make extra money from your designs with minimal fuss.

We will cover:
1. Which online boutique is right for me?
2. Logo design/online presence
3. Photographing your designs
4. Basic store setup
5. Social media & eblasts (if time)

Please bring your own computer (laptop or iPad is okay), since we will be using it to actually set up your boutique during class.


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