OMG Let's Design Something

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Taught by Carl C

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OMG let's design something.

This is a two part class. TWO PARTS.

Part the First: Start with taste. And pictures. And words.

Part the Second: Design is for someone. Design is done in a medium.

This class is about design, you will, in the course of it, design something and understand, a bit better, why it is better designed than before you came to the class.

Examples of good design and some principles of design will be introduced, prodded, and queried. You don't need to know anything about design. You do need to know what you like.

Part 1 of the class, as noted in the title, is about the importance of having taste, the image part and the word part. You will be drawing in this first part of the class. You don't actually need to know how to draw, you are, I am assuming, human, and that means you can already draw well enough.

Part 2 of the class is about understanding who you are designing for and what medium you are designing in. This is largely concerned with design as a commercial enterprise and extending/altering work you did in the first class to make it better by adding an additional layer of understanding.

So, this class is about learning to design and will involve trying out those new ideas. It'll be a chance to try something and, possibly, discover ways to make it better.

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