Olmsted & Vaux

By Central_Park_1875.png: Oscar Hinrichs derivative work: upstateNYer (Central_Park_1875.png) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
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Taught by James Hoffman

James is just this guy, y'know?  Humble, intelligent, charming. Eyes a color you don't know the name for. He'll take you for a bike ride with his company Albert and James in the morning, play a board game with you with his board game group Victory Pints in the evening and then prattle on about D&D and cocktails at night. Only in the morning will you realize that it was all a ploy and your jewels are no longer in the safe. Instead there's a note so beautifully written that the police officer who collects 'it' as evidence breaks downs in tears. You sob with him as the neighborhood wakes up around you.

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Hall and Oates, Ben and Jerry, Mary-Kate and Ashley; history's filled with amazing duos. When it comes to New York City parks and the history of landscape design, though, there's one duo that stands above the rest. Olmsted and Vaux.

Starting in the 1850's with their collaboration on Central Park, they would work together to drastically change the face of New York. From Prospect Park to Ocean Parkway to Fort Greene Park and beyond, they would create a legacy that would influence the nation.

Join us for a 90 minute lecture as we explore how they met, what their influences were and how the effects of their partnership would be felt long after it was over.

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