Not a Tourist: Living NYC like a Local

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Taught by Briana Green

A culture enthusiast, travel junkie, & local adventurer, Briana has been relentlessly exploring the best of NYC and its outer reaches since 2007. From throwing events inside a neighborhood bodega to hosting a professional comedy performance in her living room, she loves uncovering the surprises of the city—and sharing them.

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If you're new to NYC, or want to explore it beyond the surface, this class will help jumpstart your New York experience. Learn the hacks, insights, and resources that most NYC transplants wish they’d known as newcomers—and many they still don’t. For those wanting to take a big bite out of the Big Apple, we will dissect the city and the best means to digest it, explore it, and own it.

You will learn:

*How to put your finger on the pulse: Lesser-known but more effective ways of knowing where to go and what to do
*Strategies and apps you can use to meet new people and build your social and professional networks
*An introduction to NYC's underground/DIY nightlife scene 
*The most quirky oddities, surreal spaces, and unusual places around town
*Living large on a budget: How to eat, drink, and exercise on the cheap (or free)
*Money saving & money making (ie, how to negotiate out of paying a brokers’ fee and get paid to have your hair cut by a famous stylist)
*Smart, city-specific ways to simply your life and save you time

After class, we'll have a drink and plan some NYC adventures.

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