No-Sew Halloween Costume Workshop

image courtesy Fred Flare
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Taught by Bob Bland

I'm a fashion designer, entrepreneur and community art advocate. Since 2006, my brand Brooklyn Royalty has been locally made + sourced in the USA. I've also designed at Marc Jacobs, Ralph Lauren, Triple Five Soul, Tommy Hilfiger and Banana Republic + enjoy sharing my knowledge of the industry with others. Her latest project is Manufacture NY.

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This DIY costume workshop is for busy people who still want to get last-minute creative with their Halloween getup (or at least avoid showing up Gangnam Style).

We will supply all of the materials, glue and patterns you need to make one of the following:

-El Luchador mask & boot covers
-Skull cut-out tee (that you might wear more than just on Halloween)!
-Unicorn Horn & Tail
-Several other patterns for you to choose from

If you have a simple idea for your costume that doesn't require sewing, bring that as well and instructor Bob Bland will help you construct it easily.


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