Nice to CC You: A Workshop on Email Writing

image courtesy Jim Makos
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Taught by Jenna Matecki

Jenna Matecki is a documentary filmmaker and communications consultant with years of experience working with and befriending clients in international diplomacy, tech, and public affairs. Jenna founded Matecki & Co., a company that tells stories and helps others tell theirs through short format films, podcasts, and writing. During other hours Jenna loves traveling, languages, and really good conversations.

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Hi there! Have you ever disliked writing emails? Do you want people to know exactly what you mean, and be excited about what needs to happen next?

Whether you’re writing to your client, boss, colleague, or friend – this hands-on workshop focuses on developing and/or refining your ability to craft great emails that are well-received by recipients.

We’ll have some fun and focus on the following:

  • Building language and anecdotes to communicate your concept(s) 
  • Understanding phrasing, tone, copy/pasting, linking, and format do’s and dont’s
  • Channeling support towards your idea while still being yourself
  • Establishing next steps, points of action, and questions 
  • Developing your own email template to use in the future

Participants should come with questions they have about emails, an email that they recently wrote, and a computer or notebook.

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