Natural Navigation: Using the Sun, Stars, and Landmarks as a Compass

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Taught by Spencer Merlis

Spencer greatly enjoys the pleasures of getting lost, finding his way, and relating it to his surroundings in nature, history and other landmarks. He is a licensed captain and certified sailing and navigation instructor. Even in NYC he regularly uses his knowledge of the sun, moon, stars, wind, street grids, and other landmarks to find his way, keep his sense of direction sharp, and remember how much the natural world can be integrated into the daily world.

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With a little knowledge of the NYC street grids and some reminders from 9th grade earth science class, you’ll be able to determine due North, South or any other direction with surprising accuracy.

There is a lot more nature in NYC than you’ve probably thought and this course will help you integrate it into your life and appreciate it. Learn how your hands, the sun and other every day NYC objects all act as big compasses, and then have fun putting your new direction-finding skills to work!

(This is a classroom-based session, not a walking tour!)

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