Modern Board Games

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Taught by James Hoffman

James is just this guy, y'know?  Humble, intelligent, charming. Eyes a color you don't know the name for. He'll take you for a bike ride with his company Albert and James in the morning, play a board game with you with his board game group Victory Pints in the evening and then prattle on about D&D and cocktails at night. Only in the morning will you realize that it was all a ploy and your jewels are no longer in the safe. Instead there's a note so beautifully written that the police officer who collects 'it' as evidence breaks downs in tears. You sob with him as the neighborhood wakes up around you.

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Monopoly, Scrabble, Risk...

We all know the classics, but board games are still evolving and there's a whole new batch of them. Come learn about three games that have exploded in popularity in the past few years.

Carcassonne: A tile placement game where you build castles, roads, fields and cloisters in southern France. Each one of your workers can be used multiple ways including being used to steal points from other players. You'll feel like a medieval Robert Moses!

Ticket to Ride: With a handful of cards you race to complete routes across America blocking your opponents in the process. You can play it safe or go for the win by picking up more routes. Careful though; destinations you don't reach will cost you.

Settlers of Catan: After randomly setting up the island of Catan you gather resources to either use in expanding your empire or to exchange with other players for the stuff you do need. If bartering doesn't work then you might even have to resort to stealing.

We'll provide the games, explain the mechanics, walk you through the rules and then let you play a friendly session with your fellow classmates. Come out and play!

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