Mnemonics: Flex Your Memory Muscles

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Taught by Jess M.

Jess likes so many things she’s coming apart at the seams! Or maybe it’s because she’s filled with beer (or bubble tea). Jess fell in love with sour beers in the 90's and has never looked back.

When not working to pay the bills, she fills the remaining time as a budding polymath, mastering everything from knitting to mushroom hunting. She can be found, occasionally, writing as the NY Knitting Examiner or on the oft-neglected group knitting blog, The Drowsy Knitter.

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You're stopping at the bodega on your way home, but - goshdarnit! - your grocery list remains hanging on the fridge. If only you could remember that you needed hot sauce, soy milk, cilantro, sponges and those yummy little seaweed snacks, life would be complete!

Fear no more! The ancient Greeks, in their love of rhetoric, developed memory systems to help with rapid recall. One could not impress fellow philosophers or politicians without demonstrating phenomenal powers of learning and memory, fluidly recalling the points of debate and supporting facts. Fortunately, many of these systems, ranging from simple to complex, are truly accessible and applicable to our modern lives.  

We'll review some memory fundamentals, explore a few of these systems and work as a group to apply and practice what we've learned. We want you to walk out of this class with a firm grasp on a few basics that you can immediately apply to your daily life. Whether you need to remember the grocery list, keep track of errands or impress your friends with your new freaky power, we've got you covered.

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