Meal Planning Basics (Park Slope)

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Taught by Nancy Campbell

Nancy combines her training in nutrition and integrative health with her decade of professional culinary experience in her business Radiant Health. She knows what it's like to not have the time or patience to spend hours in the kitchen and still want amazing food every night. With a low budget and a vegetarian tendency, she took her years of prepping in professional kitchens into her own. She supports her clients to refine their diets, build culinary skills and reinvent their pantries so they can feel amazing in their skin and confident in the kitchen! 


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Solid meal planning skills can take you from dreading the kitchen to having easy and healthy options to grab for any meal of the day. This doesn’t require gourmet culinary mastery. We aren’t even talking about making everything from scratch! Through discussion and hands-on planning techniques, we will cover:

  • How and what to prep in advance for easy weekday meals;
  • How to build a pantry of valuable everyday basics;
  • How to shop for the right mix of fresh produce that will keep;
  • How to make the best use of your time in the kitchen.
  • You will also go home with copies of tasty, meal planning-friendly recipes.

End the cycle of ordering out and depending on frozen meals. Bring fresh, homemade food to your table. Begin packing a lunch for work. In the process, you will save money and boost your health without a lot of time spent in your kitchen. A truly important win-win!

(class size: 15-18, lecture, discussion, and meal planning activities. This special session doesn't involve sampling a variety of dishes!) We host this class on evenings and weekends as well, however this is the only slot available for this particular session! 

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