Make Your Own Concrete Planter

image courtesy Anna Macoboy
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Taught by Anna Macoboy

Anna Macoboy is a bonafide plant lover, sometime florist and obsessive creator originally from Perth, Australia. She has been making kokedama and experimenting with concrete for around five years, and has taught dozens of workshops in these and other crafty topics.

Passionate about growing things, she has also studied plant science and worked in nurseries. She sells concrete planters and other “nature art” through her store, Tasi Masi (, and also loves doing lots of other crafty things, which you can see on her blog,

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Make your own unique concrete planter!

Concrete is a beautifully versatile, durable and sustainable material and makes a perfect container for indoor or outdoor plants. This class takes part in two sessions.

In the first session, you’ll learn how to prepare your mould, cast your container and cure your concrete; in the second session you’ll learn how to sand, paint and finish your planter.

You’ll take home your finished, planted pot and a new passion for everything concrete! 

(Don't worry, the planter's a little heavy but not so huge that you won't be able to carry it home with you!)

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