Mad Love: Art and Partnership

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Taught by J.R. Pepper

J.R. Pepper is a photographer, artist and researcher who specializes in Victorian spirit photography and Japanese popular culture. Her work featured on a variety of websites, album covers, galleries, press releases and publications, including  Haunted America:FAQ by Dave Thompson. She has done lectures and panels at various conventions including New York Anime Festival, New York Comic Con, Tokyo in Tulsa, Salon Con, The Steampunk World's Faire, Catland Books and with the Morbid Anatomy Museum. She lives in New York and works as an archivist in a retouching studio and an assistant at The Burns Archive.  

image credit: Bill Wadman

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They say love is a many splendid thing, but when it comes to art it can mean the whole world.  The quest to find partnership in the form of your artistic equal has helped to create some of the most amazing and sometimes tumultuous stories in all of art history.

From Frida and Diego, to Rausenberg and Johns to the many loves of Max Ernst we will explore several partnerships that helped change the art world forever.

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