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Taught by Anna Eydman

Anna’s love for macramé trails back to her childhood. The skill of crafting intricate patterns has helped her bring focus, creativity and concentration into her personal and professional life.  She is a career and relationship coach, helping her clients weave daily behavioral patterns which lead to increased motivation, clear goals and success. When her three kids are tucked away for the night, she refocuses her energy by knotting dream catchers, home décor and necklaces for loved ones. To get to know her better, visit

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Macramé is deceptive - it looks like a complex combination of knots that would take a long time to learn and master. The truth is, it is fun to do – and easy to learn.

Did you know most macramé is made with just four knots: the square knot, the double half hitch, the overheard knot, and the Lark’s head? We'll start by learning some of these basic knots. By the end of 90 minutes, you will make a beautiful tapestry which will forever capture the simplicity and elegance of this rewarding activity that you’ll enjoy for years to come.


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