Lo-fi Printing: Block Carving

image courtesy Jessica Kaufman
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Taught by Jessica Kaufman

Jessica Kaufman is officially a Crafty Lady, having earned her Masters in Crafts Education and teaching knitting professionally. Jess has been a Montessori teacher, a nanny, and a camp counselor in the mountains of North Carolina for over a decade, and as a result, knows a bafflingly large number of silly songs and games. Find her online at waxonstudio.com

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This is a quickie lesson in the basics: how to draw your outlined design in a way that facilitates positive & negative space (where the ink will go, and where it won't), reversing letters in your designs so that they read correctly, and super duper lo-fi DIY inking and printing.

Come with simple designs in mind-letters, shapes, whatever you like-we'll carve it out and print it up. No need to bring anything; we supply all the materials. 

(class size: 10, super hands on)


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