Like A Rock Star: Writing About Music

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Taught by Stacey Kahn

Stacey Kahn is a native New Yorker, a writer and a teacher. She received her MFA in nonfiction from Sarah Lawrence College and has had work appear in Epiphany Magazine and Print Magazine. She has worked for a couple of literary journals and freelances from time to time. An avid music fan, she often writes about the subject and attends concerts whenever she can. Aside from music, she is also an enthusiastic eater; you can find her around the city in search of the perfect rice krispy treat.

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Lester Bangs. Ellen Willis. The folks of 33 1/3. As far as the traditional rock star goes, perhaps these names don't ring a bell. But in terms of writing--specifically music writing--these are the rock stars you need to know. And in this class, we will aspire to write just like them.

In each class we will examine a different style of music writing and then use each reading as a model. We'll look at what makes each piece of writing unique and individually effective, and then examine the same qualities that embody your own pieces. We'll read for the sake of inspiration and then write for the sake of creation. It's kind of like sex, drugs and rock 'n roll except it's reading, creative writing, and rock 'n roll, and YOU (and not Mick Jagger or Janis Joplin) and your writing are the stars.

We'll do some in-class writing and sharing, but there's no homework to worry about.

(Class size: 12)

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