Lighting Your Home

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Taught by Shaun Fillion, LC

Shaun Fillion’s lighting career began in 2000 as a freelance designer for theater and film. In 2007, Shaun began a career in Architectural Lighting at a prestigious NYC lighting firm, Cline Bettridge Bernstein Lighting Design (CBBLD). As a staff designer, he created sustainable designs that enhance the grace, utility, and comfort of architectural environments.  In 2011, Shaun Fillion joined Osram Sylvania as their first Lighting Project Design Manager. His role includes turnkey design solutions for large scale projects and national accounts, with a focus on education and community outreach for the NYC and NAFTA communities.

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Why are 100W light bulbs extinct? Are LEDs worth it? What is CRI? Does dimming a light make it last longer? Does your A/C talk to your smart phone yet?

This course will equip you with the information and tools to choose the right lighting to show off your apartment or home. We will cover the cost of electricity, talk about the right light bulbs for each task, how to control them to save money, and allow Q&A for specific design questions about your home. Bring photos of your home to class for a detailed class critique.


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